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Q.   Where are you located and where do you ship out of?
A.   We are located and ship out of NYC.

Q.   How much is shipping?
A.   Shipping is only $22.95 per Box

Q.  How long until we get our order?
A.  We try to ship all orders same day as ordered,and we ship UPS ground out of NY.

Q.   Can i request a price on a studio that is not listed here?
A.   Yes.    just email  -

Q.   Can I order less then 100pc mix?
A.   Yes, you can order 50 mix boxes, just please add 25c per piece.

Q.  Are all titles brand new, in cases and sealed?
A.  Yes

Q.   Can i request certain titles?
A.   Yes,  if we have those titles in stock, we will put those in your mix.

Q.   Can I make requests like NO BLACK, NO SHEMALE, etc. ?
A.   Yes.

Q.   Can I request an Anal Mix, or Big Tit Mix, or Shemale 100pc mix?
A.   Yes, we have all those mixes for only $1.95 per piece from Devils & White Ghetto

Q.   Do you offer terms?
A.   Sorry, we are Credit Card / COD money order only.

Q.   Can you beat a price I"m currently getting?
A.   We aim to always have the cheapest price in the country.  Email if you can do better on something, and he will try to beat it!

Q.    What's the minimum Purchase?
A.   You must take at least 100 dvds to make up a box of 100.   So you can take 20 of 1 studio, 10 of another, etc. to make a box of 100.

Q.   How much is shipping?
A.   Shipping is only $22.95 per Box + of  100 dvds to anywhere in the USA

Q.   Can I order less then 100pc mix?
A.   Yes, you can order minimum 10 from each studio to make a 100 mix box